Representing Businesses

Helping Businesses Execute Their Vision

Business owners and executive are regularly distracted from focusing on their vision by legal problems that blindside them.  The Ezold Law Firm, P.C. works with our business clients to anticipate and prepare for these problems, triage emergencies and handle the issues so that you can focus on your business.

We take the time to get to know you, your business, your people and your industry, so that our advice is tailored to your vision and needs.  We provide cost-effective representation in transactional and litigation matters, general counsel, regulatory compliance challenges and strategizing for your business’ growth and success.  We leverage our size and technology to be available and responsive, while minimizing overhead costs that can cause your legal spend to balloon.

Our attorneys advise on:

  • Incorporation
  • Corporate finance, private equity and venture capital
  • Protecting and licensing your intellectual property
  • Employment matters, disputes and policies
  • Corporate training on employment and regulatory matters
  • Contract structure and drafting
  • Executive compensation and plans
  • Litigation avoidance
  • Trial and appellate matters
  • Administrative hearings
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Commercial matters

Outside Counsel Program for Businesses

The Ezold Law Firm, P.C. acts as outside general counsel for many small businesses that cannot afford to hire general counsel directly. We provide ongoing advice and representation to our business clients to assist them with all of their legal questions and issues, including business formation, contracts, employment issues, regulatory matters and executive compensation. The firm also provides employment audits and training to businesses, including:


The firm has developed a comprehensive employment audit program for employers which includes:

  • Analysis of the federal/state employment laws applicable to the employer’s business
  • Complete review of existing policies, procedures and mandatory work place postings
  • Examination or drafting of employee job descriptions
  • Examination or drafting of employment policies/procedures
  • Supervisor/employee compliance training
  • Identification and correction of problem issues in the work place
  • Counseling on litigation avoidance

The firm offers supervisor/employee training on the following topics:

  • Employee handbooks and policies
  • Sexual harassment and discrimination
  • Americans with Disabilities Act issues
  • Family and Medical Leave Act issues
  • Employee relations issues
  • Fair Labor Standards Act issues
  • Wage and hour and overtime issues

If you wish to discuss retaining the firm as outside general counsel for your business, please contact Christopher E. Ezold at (610) 660-5585, or