Ezold Law Firm P.C. Supports “Women Owned Law” Organization

Philadelphia Employment Lawyers at Ezold Law Firm P.C. Support “Women Owned Law” OrganizationEzold Law Firm P.C. Supports “Women Owned Law” Organization

Nancy Ezold and the Ezold Law Firm P.C. proudly announce their sponsorship of the Women Owned Law (WOL) organization. The ground-breaking Women Owned Law group was created to connect and advance women entrepreneurs in the field of law. The organization provides a forum for networking opportunities, increases visibility and media coverage of women entrepreneurs in the law, and it helps interested firms grow larger and gain significant influence in the legal industry.

The WOL organization, whose mission is “equity, parity and influence for women entrepreneurs in the law,” offers considerable resources for its members. Some of the benefits include networking opportunities, a membership and referral directory, a career center and job board, educational programming, and much more.

Nancy Ezold is a pioneer in representing victims of employment discrimination, and has long been a champion for women’s rights. She is well known for winning a 1990 case against now-defunct law firm Wolf, Block, Schorr, and Solis-Cohen. The case is often described as the first to be brought and tried against a law firm over sex discrimination in denial of partnership.

If you would like to learn more about the Women in Law organization, please visit  https://www.womenownedlaw.org/. If you would like to learn more about The Ezold Law Firm, or you believe that you have been the victim of employment discrimination, please call 610-660-5585 or fill out our online form.