Health Care Technology / Health Information Technology (HIT)

By learning our clients’ industries and niches, Ezold Law resolves issues in innovative and cost-effective ways. The health care and health information technology lawyers have unique qualifications to assist their HIT clients; whether it is certification in data privacy, an advanced degree in taxation, deep experience in the growing angel investment sector, direct board governance or leading-edge regulatory product creation.  Our attorneys use their experience to identify and resolve business, legal and regulatory obstacles for health care technology and HIT clients. Ezold law provides general counsel guidance to health technology companies on a wide range of contract, employment, financing, policy and regulatory matters, trade secrets, HIPAA compliance, client and vendor issues, and risk management.

Ezold Law has the experience to engage with tech-savvy clients at their level, and handle routine and complex legal work in a more cost-effective manner than general service law firms.

Ezold Law does not just engage in legal work for clients; we become part of the team by providing sound advice focusing on a variety of business and legal issues. We understand you; we understand your business; we protect both.