How We Work With Business Owners and Executives

Business owners and executives have advanced equity, corporate and tax concerns that must be addressed proactively.  Failure to do so can result in enormous tax losses, or the forfeiture of the equity or end-stage rewards that have motivated you to start or join your business.

Initially, we provide a free telephone consultation with new clients to identify potential legal issues and determine whether a further, in-depth meeting is warranted.  Next, we meet in person to review matters in detail, and advise on how to proceed.  We understand that in-person meetings are not always possible, and can arrange telephone or video conferences as necessary.  We will review your relevant documents prior to that meeting, and be able to discuss the matters in detail with you at that time.

We work on an hourly or flat-rate/project basis, depending on the matter.  We will provide an estimate of the total cost for all hourly matters, when possible, to help you manage your legal budget.

As a business owner or executive, your eye is on your business’ vision and goals – but you have to ensure that you take steps now to deal with your exit strategy.  These are situations in which an ounce of prevention is worth hundreds of pounds of cure.  The law is very unfriendly toward end-stage changes or accelerations in many kinds of compensation – giving rise to an increase in taxes by 20% or more, regardless of whether you actually receive your compensation at the time you are being taxed.  Noncompetition agreements that seemed workable at the time of signing can become huge issues at the time of exit.  We understand that your ultimate goal is your exit – and we provide you with the tools to safely navigate to your goal.