Philadelphia Employment Lawyers discuss National Survey Finds “Rampant” Religious Discrimination In The Workplace

A 2013 national “Survey of American Workers and Religion” found that 36 percent of respondents had been subject to religious discrimination in the workplace.   The survey questioned workers on issues such as whether the respondent’s workplace required employees to work on the Sabbath or whether they allowed employees to wear attire that expressed the employee’s faith.  More than one third of respondents replied that they had experienced religious bias in their place of employment.

The reported religious discrimination was not limited to non-Christians.  While 49 percent of non-Christians reported being subject to or witnessing non-accommodations in their workplace, 48 percent of white evangelical workers reported the same.  Thirty-two percent of evangelical Protestants reported that they felt that others looked down on their beliefs, as to 31 percent of non-Christians and 59 percent of Atheist respondents.  The survey found that less than half of respondents reported that their company had religious diversity policies in place.

Employers need to be on notice that employees value an employer that accommodates its’ employees religious observances.  Refusing to accommodate employees’ religious observances can have a negative impact on the employer as well as the employee.  In addition to opening an employer up to potential employment discrimination lawsuits, failing to accommodate employees’ religion can increase turnover and reduce employee productivity.

Employees who feel that their place of work interferes with their religious observances may be more likely to look for new employment.  Employees whose employers allow flexible hours so that the employee can participate in religious observances are more likely to say that they look forward to going to work.   Employers should ensure that they have a religious discrimination policy in place and that materials on that policy are distributed to employees so that all are aware.  Such a measure can go a long way toward making employees comfortable and happy in their workplace.

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