Philadelphia Employment Law Attorneys: Age Discrimination Lawsuit against Staples Decided in Plaintiff’s Favor

The largest verdict in Los Angeles history for an employment discrimination case was awarded to a former Staples employee fired in 2011. The employee was a facilities manager at Corporate Express prior to its acquisition by Staples in 2008. He received positive reviews for the nine years leading up to his firing. The lawsuit accused managers at Staples of discriminating against, and harassing, the employee based on his age.

The employee’s complaint alleged that managers wanted to release older, higher paid employees. Employees originally from Corporate Express were on a higher pay scale, which made the plaintiff-employee, then 64 years old, a prime target. He was called names like “old goat” and consistently made fun of at staff meetings. A manager pressed for him to resign, but he refused and became the victim of increased harassment and false accusations. One receptionist was allegedly told by management to give a false account of the employee’s conduct, but she refused and informed him. Continued scrutiny including a suspension for taking a bell pepper worth 68 cents eventually led to his firing in 2011.

The jury found in favor of the plaintiff-employee and awarded him both compensatory and punitive damages. Employers across the world should take note of what happened in Staples’ situation and prevent age discrimination from entering their work environment. Supervisors must ensure the workplace is free of age-based jokes as well as discriminatory practices in hiring, firing, compensation, and more.

Philadelphia Employment Law Attorneys at The Ezold Law Firm Evaluate Eligibility for Discrimination Claims

Age discrimination in the workplace is an illegal practice that no individual should have to endure. The law protects workers 40 years of age and older from many discriminatory acts such as purposely excluding older employees from promotions. The Ezold Law Firm, P.C., has extensive experience handling employment discrimination cases and will fight for victims of any discriminatory act. If you believe that you have an age discrimination claim, call us today at 610-660-5585 or fill out our Quick Contact Form.