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What is a Non-Compete Agreement?

In Philadelphia much like elsewhere a non-compete agreement is one made by an employee not to compete with his or her employer in the pursuit of business for a specified time, in a particular place or in a particular way. These non-complete agreements are generally a way to protect businesses and employers from encountering an unreasonable amount of competition from former employees who decide to leave their jobs, taking valuable skills and knowledge of how to run similar businesses with them.

However, Philadelphia non-compete agreement attorneys know that such contracts between employees and employers are rarely as simple as they appear. Many legal issues can arise from the time of the agreement to the time when one party seeks to enforce it. The Ezold Law Firm, P.C., Philadelphia employment and labor law attorneys provide assistance for the numerous concerns you may have regarding the law and its effect on non-competition in Philadelphia and businesses in the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania.

Common Non-Compete Issues

A non-compete agreement in Philadelphia does not apply under all circumstances. The following are examples of legal issues that can develop when you have such agreements:

  • If you are terminated from your employment due to no fault of your own, the court system may be reluctant to enforce the agreement.
  • In certain situations, you may be eligible for compensation when signing a non-compete agreement. You may have a valid legal case against your employer if you were not offered such compensation and your employment was terminated because of your refusal to sign.
  • If the court deems all or part of the non-compete agreement unreasonable, they may also find it to be unenforceable.

Perhaps you have been asked to sign a non-compete agreement by your employer and are unsure if you should. Alternatively, you may have signed one already but wish to determine if it is enforceable. If you have any questions or concerns regarding non-compete agreement issues, speak to our Philadelphia labor attorneys. We provide you with the most up-to-date legal information on non-compete agreements and how they affect your ability to engage in the business of your choice.

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