Are you an employer seeking counsel on employment and HR matters?

Our firm’s background in representing employees makes us especially qualified to understand the employment issues that employers deal with daily, the legal obligations as well as rights of employers, the evolving range and types of necessary employment policies, the impact on the workplace of social media and electronic communications, and the need for clear and comprehensive employment policies.  Our services start with a workplace audit to avoid, now, compliance failures which can pose serious consequences; writing or revising your employee handbook, advising on corporate policies, and training your employees to comply with state and federal laws to avoid unintended violations; advising and consulting on employee issues in the workplace and  representing you when employment  claims are brought.  For small to mid-size employers we will serve as your Outside Employment Counsel, only a phone call away,  providing legal counsel and services only when you need them. Call us to learn more about how our Outside Employment Counsel program works.