Are you an employee seeking to protect your rights or to have an agreement reviewed?

The Ezold Law Firm was founded to, and built its reputation on, representing employees in all matters relating to their jobs. If your job is threatened, if your manager is treating your peers better than you, if you are being bullied or sexually harassed, the time to call an attorney is now.  We can answer many questions in a short phone call but where the situation warrants a consultation with an attorney we will let you know and schedule an appointment promptly. Timing of a response to a workplace issue can be critical and delay may result in important missed opportunities. One unfailing piece of advice we  give to our clients is do not resign. If your employer has given you an employment contract, a non-compete agreement, a severance or other agreement it will come with specified time limits. Your interests can best be protected if you seek prompt legal advice.

Do I Have an Employment Claim?

If you suspect you might have a claim such as wrongful termination due to discrimination of any type, or you have questions related to harassment, you may use the contact form below to make an inquiry.