Solving the Puzzle – How We Work With Business Clients

Every business has employment, tax, contract and corporate matters to resolve as it conducts business and moves toward its goals.  These problems can be one-offs, but frequently impact other areas – for instance, a small wage and hour matter can have complex tax consequences, and a vendor contract can imperil your trade secrets and know-how.  We approach our business clients’ legal matters with an understanding how each piece of the puzzle connects – and provide practical advice on how to solve your problems in a cost-effective manner.

Initially, we provide a free telephone consultation with new business clients to identify potential legal issues and determine whether a further, in-depth meeting is warranted.  Next, we meet in person with our new business clients to review their matters in detail, and advise on how to proceed.  We understand that in-person meetings are not always possible, and can arrange telephone or video conferences as necessary.  We will review your relevant documents prior to that meeting, and be able to discuss the matters in detail with you at that time.

We work on an hourly or flat-rate/project basis for our business clients, depending on the matter.  We will provide an estimate of the total cost for all hourly matters, when possible, to help you manage your legal budget.  Depending on the matter, a retainer may be required.

We offer general counsel services to business practices, allowing them to call their assigned attorney directly at any time for advice and counsel on all manner of employment law issues, ranging from mundane HR matters to complex corporate problems.  General counsel services range from providing you access to an attorney who knows your business, your people, your vision and your goals, and can provide customized legal solutions, to placing an attorney on-site on a regular schedule to handle larger volumes of work and develop a more intimate knowledge of your business.

We also represent our business clients before federal and state courts and agencies, at trial and hearings.   Avoiding litigation is nearly always the best choice for a business – but when necessary, our attorneys have significant trial and appellate experience which we bring to bear for our clients.