Philadelphia Employment Lawyers: A Guide to Identifying Workplace Discrimination

What to do if You Suspect Workplace Discrimination When an employee or manager suspects discrimination in the workplace, he or she should take the following steps: Know your rights. Employees should know their rights and responsibilities under state and federal anti-discrimination laws, including their right to be free from discrimination based on age, gender, race or color, national origin or ancestry, religion, disability, pregnancy, or even genetics. Keep detailed notes.  Notes should include times, places, types of discrimination that take place, and whether there are Continue reading →

Philadelphia Employment Attorney Explains Types of Employment Claims

Employees and employers can bring many types of employment claims in Pennsylvania. Discrimination: Workplace discrimination is illegal when it is based on a protected class such as age, gender, race, national origin, religion, disability, pregnancy, or genetic information.  Employees who can prove discrimination can sue to have the practice remedied and for wages and other damages. Wage payment: Federal and Pennsylvania laws establish a fixed minimum wage for employees, as well as regular paydays. Violations of these laws can lead to penalties against the employer Continue reading →

Philadelphia Employment Law Attorney Q&A: What If I am Wrongfully Accused of Discrimination?

Answer: An Employee Must Demonstrate Evidence of Discrimination In order for an employee to prove illegal discrimination by his or her employer, the employee must show two things: That there was discrimination or a discriminatory practice. That this discrimination was against a protected class. Protected classes under federal and Pennsylvania state law  include the following: Age (over 40) Sex Race or color National origin Ancestry Religious creed Disability or handicap Genetic information Sexual orientation (in some locations) Discriminatory practices can include discrimination in: Hiring and Continue reading →

Philadelphia Employment Lawyer Explains When “Unfair” Becomes “Wrongful Termination”

We handle all types of employment claims – but we rarely see a good ‘wrongful termination’ claim.  That’s not because there aren’t a good number of terminations that are wrong, or unfair, but because Pennsylvania wrongful termination laws are very limited.  These laws apply to the entire Commonwealth; for instance, although Philadelphia has some local ordinances that protect employees under limited circumstances, but do not protect employees against wrongful terminations. The reality of employment is that it is often unfair; terminations for no reason or Continue reading →