Philadelphia Employment Lawyers: A Guide to Identifying Workplace Discrimination

What to do if You Suspect Workplace Discrimination

When an employee or manager suspects discrimination in the workplace, he or she should take the following steps:

  • Know your rights. Employees should know their rights and responsibilities under state and federal anti-discrimination laws, including their right to be free from discrimination based on age, gender, race or color, national origin or ancestry, religion, disability, pregnancy, or even genetics.
  • Keep detailed notes.  Notes should include times, places, types of discrimination that take place, and whether there are any witnesses.  Notes should also include whether the discrimination involved hiring or firing, promotions, layoffs, benefits and compensation, job assignments, or other business practices.  Without specific notes, the employee may not have the evidence he or she needs to prove discrimination.  Employees should keep these notes specifically to provide to their attorney.
  • Find experienced representation. Hire Philadelphia employment lawyers with experience in discrimination cases as soon as possible.  Do not sign any legal forms or releases until speaking with an attorney.

Possible Signs and Examples of Workplace Discrimination

The many signs of workplace discrimination include the following:

  • Company refuses to hire qualified applicants over 40 years old (age discrimination)
  • Employer promotes or offers higher pay to certain employees over others of a certain race, gender, religion, or national origin
  • Company policy provides for different disciplinary actions, work terms or conditions, or benefits for different groups of people
  • Employer fails to make reasonable accommodations for a qualified employee or prospective employee with a disability (disability discrimination)

Employment discrimination can take many more forms than just these, so it is important for employees to know their rights and consult with an experienced Philadelphia discrimination attorney when such situation occurs.

What Role an Attorney can Take in Your Discrimination Case

A good employment discrimination lawyer can help an employee determine whether there is a likelihood of discrimination and negotiate with an employer for a change in business practices, relief from harassment, or provision of reasonable accommodations.  An attorney can also help an employee file a claim of discrimination with the appropriate agency, take measures to protect the employee against employer retaliation, and represent the employee in litigation when necessary.

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